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You’ll find an even deeper level of enjoyment when there’s nothing but your own music, a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and friends making fun of you.

2. Dance Mixer is a great tool for making a new group or party out of two people

Dance Mixer doesn’t just mean you can make fun fun parties for a few people, it is an easy way to create a huge party in a tiny space without having to deal with the stress of getting the logistics right.

It’s perfect for parties or groups of four or more. Whether you’re organizing a large group of strangers or your favorite band, this tool has got you covered!

3. Mixing is an art form

Mixing music for a party is the most difficult challenge of any party planning process. With that said, DJ mixes on our website have helped millions of people make their first party awesome.

4. Mixing a DJ mix is like playing a song. You have to learn it and master it

Just as any other musician, DJs learn songs in stages. For instance, you might first learn a song by jamming along to it. Or, you might learn that song later before having fun on stage.

To keep the learning curve low, we’ll be presenting a DJ mix that can be played on several different platforms over the entire span of your party. You’ll be able to keep up with the mix, and not rush it in the way some people do.

5. Mixing means you can make the music of your choice

It’s a simple idea, but one that’s easy to overlook. Mixing does not mean that you have to play something in order to have fun; it just means that you can be creative with whatever you play.

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Tap image for more ...

To help you take advantage of your DJ mix skills, we’ve been preparing a series of lessons you can view right here.

Dance Mixing is easy, fun, and effective

Now then, let’s get started…

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