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I am so excited,” said Nanda, who was with her husband in their home when the incident occurred.

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“As a young mother, my daughter should be wearing a headscarf, otherwise, my child will never know her place in society.”

“My eldest son, who is six, will not have seen the sun on his birthday for the last nine years.”

In the spring of 2011, a new company came to Portland in search of a CEO.

The company was called The Foundry Group, and their goal was to disrupt the high tech sector, making it obsolete. They were making a game that promised to make people feel like a part of the game, in the same way they felt a part of the game. After about a year of talking to thousands of players, the company released the game, and immediately the hype was there. Now, it’s been a year since the game has been released. What have these players learned about the game? Not much, but it’s been interesting.

I got an email a while back from a user who is playing it for the first time at PAX East. She was kind enough to talk with me about the game. I was curious to know more about this game from this user, and now, I’ve been able to talk to her about it and ask her some questions about the experience.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I am a new player playing the game at PAX. I find myself coming back to the game several times a week, mostly just because it’s one of the few games that has left me with a smile on my face, so I find myself coming back to it to have fun with my friends. I have noticed that the majority of the negative comments are coming from angry players, while there are many positives as well. The only negative comments I have received are the one that started it, but now I know a bit more about the game (that is what I wanted to learn and what I wanted to hear). I have wanted to find out more so I have decided to go online and ask a couple of questions. I know you are probably playing in real life, so I have not asked questions about what is going on before I have finished this interview.

Hello, This is Jennifer and I’m a new player at PAX who just picked up The Foundry Group. I’m here with a question. How are players actually playing the game, besides telling stories about

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