What are the 10 dances?

Here are the 10 dances of Sri Lanka. They are:

1. Sumbakkal

2. Pajamudra

3. Chala

4. Cholakkhal

5. Malai

6. Vyumudra

7. Vyapakkal

8. Vyavali

9. Chiranarani

10. Harakkhal

Which dance should you do this to?

This is the most important question of dance. You should think of which dance is suitable to do to your friend to get him to dance for you. A good dancer knows how to get his friend in to the right position. However, you should not force your friend to do any dance. He should know his limits before you do anything. Here is a few tips :

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a) If you can’t do the dance yet, give him the time of dancing to figure it out.

b) Go on social media to look for a dance that is popular and simple and then do it!

c) If he can’t do a dance, he may not look good in front of the world and might feel that he wants to quit dancing. But, never force.

d) If a friend dances with you but you are not very skilled, you can always find someone better who can do the dance. That way it will help him to get better and will add more fun and meaning to the dance.

e) If your friend is a very good dancer you can teach him some moves and he can learn how to do the dance. This way you will keep him in the dance.

Which dance should you NOT Dance with your friend in?

The answer is Sumbakkal, Chala and Cholakkhal. No, you should not dance in these songs! These are forbidden in Sri Lankan culture. In fact there are strictures for dancing in them in other countries too. For example in the United States, even if you dance in Sumbakkal, it is a crime to dance in any of these songs. In Sri Lanka, Sumbakkal and Vyapakkal are good, but Chola, Cholaka and Mahayakkal are not. It is ok to sing, dance or sit in a group with music. However, in a group of people who are dancing all