What are the 10 dances? – What Is Social Dance Definitions And Terms

1. Dance of the Sea. This is the ultimate in dance for a sailor; the woman walks down the sea, the sailors dance and the sea is so happy.

2. Sultana Dance. This is the most famous of the 10 dances in India. It’s the dance that all the sultans and queens, including the queen’s niece Shakuntala (Lady Shiva), do whenever they want to show off their prowess at dance. Shakuntala is a sultanned lady, but not just any sultanned lady, she is the sultana that the goddess, the goddess Mata (Mother Earth), granted to Shakuntala.

3. Dance of the Tree. The most famous and the most beautiful of dance of the sea is believed to have originated in a famous Tamil poet, and dancer, B.K. Thapa. He called this dance “Kallaya” (Tree Dance). B.K. first started it in Tamil Nadu when he tried out its new ideas and the dance took hold. He then wrote that this dance is “unquestionably the finest of all dances of the sea!”

4. Dance of the River. This most beautiful of Indian dances is danced in various parts of India, but the most important place is in the river Amur, which is the source of the most beautiful river in all India and has a population of almost one and a half billion people . The river is also known as the “White Lady”.

5. Swimming. This is not just a dance, it’s the act that you have to do when all the water stops flowing. Once the entire river stops flowing as the sun sets from the horizon and all the lights go out on the water, this dance becomes the most amazing choreographed event of the night. Also known as “The Dance of the Lights”.

6. Dancing of the Goddess. This is the greatest dance in India and also the most misunderstood and feared dance. It started when the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and happiness, who was the goddess of marriage and all things good in her name, gave her gift of the dance to the ruler of the land, Indra. The dance became known as “Kirtana Rama Dance” and for that reason is commonly performed by men after their weddings to their female brides. So it is a great gift from the Goddess, to the king, to the groom. This dance is performed in the company of the bride from her very

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