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A dance is a combination of movements that you do in a row. A step is a movement from one foot to the other. For example, I move from one foot to my right foot and then from my left foot to my right foot. That’s a step. A ball is when you move from one side of the body to the other. A circle is when you do something in a circle. (You move from one foot to the other with your body and feet.)

Dance 101 101.1 Introduction The concept of dance comes from the ancient civilizations, so you can’t really go wrong with taking a look at those and asking someone. The dance is a perfect example of a mixture of old and new techniques being combined into one. Some people think it’s boring to walk around a dance floor, but dancers move in a manner that is both attractive and relaxing. As you learn to dance and become proficient, you’ll become more in tune with how this amazing mixture of movements is made. 101.2 Basics A basic dance consists of 2-4 simple steps or dances; they can be done in a simple line or with different styles. If the dance is not your thing, you can always work out a different type of simple dance in the form of a combination of moves that you use in a routine. 101.3 Basics

1. Simple step: The simplest dance is the step. The first step is the smallest. It can easily be done as one step, and you then move backwards, forwards, or sideways. 101.4 Intermediate Level: Some people, including myself, try to move to the next level. While there are certainly more complex dances out there, it is still much more difficult to learn a complex step than it is to learn a basic step. In these cases you’ll get more work done. 101.5 Advanced Level: Some dancers may be comfortable playing the step without any problem at the intermediate level. There are some steps that are more difficult to understand. For these steps it is recommended to do a small step first and then play them as one whole movement. 101.6 Advanced Level Step: The next step to learning a complex step is the advanced step. An advanced step consists of two to three movement types. It is a combination of the simple steps, and some advanced steps. (For more information please read The Advanced Level of Dance.) 101.7 The Step

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An advanced dancer is the greatest dancer on the dance floor! They may just look great every time they move on stage

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