What are the 10 dances?

It’s quite a bit of work. I had never danced before and I have my own style so I’m not exactly like some girl who’s trying to make someone else dance and not me. But I am quite skilled at moving. I did the dance just for the photo. Then I did that, and that and that. Then I did that, and this. And so on… It was a great amount of work and it was a long time. But there were a lot of people involved with this. It was done quite quickly. I only had one day off and then it had to be done.

Is dancing on camera really that difficult to take on?

Not really. If I can do it, it is a lot easier than any other thing. I have been doing it that way for many years and I did it in a few scenes that were shot during the course of the year; they were all with the same actress, or that’s what they seemed to be. But it was not that hard. I did the dance very quietly. If you have somebody who can do the dance beautifully, I did it with her. It is not so hard of course.

It’s a lot more than just the pose of the dancers – is that because you have to do the movement like a dance?

This is part of it.

How much time go by that you don’t do it anymore?

I have to go up and down. In London one night, I don’t dance anymore.

You said that the scene had been edited and shot and you were doing it in a few shots. But then when you went in to film the rest of it – you couldn’t do the pose?

It was edited before I went in there, I think – I don’t think I was rehearsing. But I tried. I’m a good dancer, so I tried as best as I know how. That’s very difficult; if you can dance it at a very high level, if you get up to it, there’s a good chance you can do it. In fact, the whole film has been shot and edited and I’ve been doing it for so long and been doing it for so long that it’s pretty much set in stone already. So it’s pretty much not a topic for debate in my eyes. And we have done it this way for so long; it had already been recorded so we did it there.

You seem to have a real