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What’s an example at your dance venue?

Dance venues are not defined as any particular dance style. I like to play to my community!

If you’re using a dance and you’re really passionate about it, do you want to play to any other audiences?

Maybe! I’m also open to bringing my show to a different city if the right people get interested.

If you’re playing a dance, do you ever consider changing it? If so, when do you make the decision?

If I’ve thought about it, it’s usually based on me asking myself three questions: Is this a choreography that I can play to two or more different audiences? Is it something I might find interesting to experiment with if I play it in a different city?

The answers to these questions are pretty straightforward. If both of those questions are yes, I’ll always keep doing it! This is what I mean by, “If this is something I could play or see, I am going to do it.” So really all it takes is asking those three questions: “Would I have fun? Am I excited about it? Am I willing to see it play to many different audiences, or do I just hope to find a new audience?”

For me, as long as the answers to those three questions are yes, I’m going to go for it!

Have you given any thought to how your dancing would be considered or stereotyped?

I’ve noticed the dancing styles that seem to be the most stereotyped are often dance classes that focus on the body, such as Ballet class or dance classes in general. So far, I haven’t heard of any of these dancers actually going out dance lessons to learn a new style. I would assume people are more comfortable with dances they come across in the club scene or other styles of dancing.

In regards to dance classes being stereotypical, what do you think happens when people dance this particular dance?

Some people do dance classes in hopes of landing or getting a job. That might sound strange to some, but it works for me. A dancer can come in and talk about their dreams and experiences, as well as how their choreography fits into that dream, and the people who are teaching them want to help them along the way. As long as they are comfortable in the process, they are willing to help with any challenges they might have.

Another part of that process involves getting to learn what people in this community

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