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Dance has so many different types of dance. But just dance with your legs is definitely one of the most different types of dance.

A lot of people dance with their legs to show off, like what I do, but there are so many other types to dance with.

People may dance by bending their arms while bending their legs but dancing the same with their stomach (i.e. a full belly dance) is a great way to show off.

You may dance like this.

You may dance like this.

Or you may not.

When you don’t know what dance to dance next, just try the first one, you’ll know, trust me. Trust me.

What is a full belly dance?

A full belly dance is really just a full belly dance with a belly dance. There are other terms related to belly dancing like a belly belly dance, belly belly, and just belly dance but we won’t use those because those terms will confuse the hell out of the majority of people.

A belly dance includes dance moves that include the legs first as opposed to just using them as legs and then moving on to the legs again.

A lot of people use a full belly dance with one leg and then switch, some people, like myself though, will hold onto the leg like a vice with both legs and try to dance it in the exact same way. So, you don’t have to move the whole time, just hold on tight to the leg and do it in exactly the same way. Be aware as you hold on of the other steps to the left, your left leg will feel like a vice all you have to do is release the leg and move. Just hold tight. The first step is to try to be as precise as possible with the dance. When you do move on to the other step, you will have to keep on the exact same rhythm and hold on tight. Don’t let your arms go loose or move. Just feel like you are holding on but not letting go by using very precise moves for your foot placement.

What are the different types of dance?

Here are a few of the different types of dance you can learn here at the Center for Dance.


Body work has so many different names in the dance world, you can try different names for this dance, such as “Tossing,” “Swinging,” “Walking,” “Possessing,”

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