What are all the different types of dance?

The dance types of each race have two primary types of dance, the standard dance form which the entire race uses and the special dance form. Many different forms of dance exist. There is not just one standard dance form for each race; instead there are a great variety of dances.

How do I create dancing characters?

For most character creation, you take the race of your choice and then select the primary and secondary dance forms; which can be any three dances. You then roll a d6 and add the results in order as noted below. If you have multiple forms the results are rolled as a group, you pick a form you pick from each of those forms.

Your basic dance form (called the basic form) uses the common form plus any skills your level allows.

Your second dance form, called the special dance form, requires one of your special skills as a prerequisite.

Your third or fourth dance form, called the extraordinary dance form, uses your extraordinary feat or ability as a prerequisite.

Your fifth or sixth dance form, called the master dance form, requires a combination of all seven forms to form a fully capable dancer.

Dancing Ability (Std.)

Your dancing ability is the amount of dance energy you expend per long rest as a full-round action and you lose these dancing ability points when you die. You regain dancing ability points at the start of a long rest; see how much dancing ability you have below. All dancing ability points are also affected by the DC.

If your base walking speed is 40 feet or less, you have a dancing ability of 10.

You can only expend 20 dancing energy per long rest to perform one dance of the same type as your basic dance form + any skills your level allows.

Your dancing ability is also affected by your dance ability score modifier.
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For example, if you have a 20 or higher Dexterity score, use your dexterity to determine your dancing ability.

Your dancing ability is 20

Any forms required skills listed in the special dance form are added to your dancing ability for the purposes of determining your dancing ability score modifier.

If you have an dancing ability, any abilities or feats gained at levels above 1 are not used in calculating your dancing ability score modifier.

Dancing Stance (Std.)

When you take this dance form, you automatically gain the benefits of your dancing ability score modifier and the feats gained at 5th, 10th,