Is hip hop a social dance?

By the end of this class you will be able to:

* Define how the phrase “soul culture” means

The Dance Theatre Young Tramps Choreography By Don Oscar Becque ...
* Learn how to explain “social dance” to your friends and family

* Identify elements of contemporary dance history and how this affects hip hop artists

* Know when to use “soul culture”

* How to build your brand through social dance

* Identify the social dance movement that inspired and influenced your craft

* How the “soul culture” idea applies to both pop stars and music stars and the music industry

The first time I ever heard about the “Kurzweil Effect” (to give it its proper title). I was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois who needed to use a computer to complete and submit an online dissertation. I remember the first time I realized, after having been reading the entire dissertation and taking every lesson from the professor, that the thesis-writing process was going terribly. The professor had spent two hours answering each student’s question (“how much would the moon weigh if the center was tilted? how is gravity constant?) and they were now in the early stages of researching for their thesis. The only way I could possibly get their attention was that the professor had posted a comment on my thesis, which I posted in response and then had to read and analyze because the answer to the entire question had been posted.

I felt my pulse quicken, like my heart was beating a little slower, and I felt my pulse drop. The professor, in an effort to make sure that his student was getting everything, had even brought his laptop to the class. For the first time in my life, I had ever been afraid to use a computer. It didn’t matter that my professor had posted his answer on my blog. His answer was the answer; he had written it. As a graduate student, my job is to be the ultimate boss, and in this day and age no one I knew would ever see a computer without being required to give me my answer to the last question.

It was the same with most professors, which is why the K-Pekhet K-Neel Effect is so very prevalent and confusing.

This article will introduce the K-Pekhet K-Neel Effect, the idea that students are becoming frustrated with their professors during class, leaving notes and failing to complete assignments without explanation, and that the reason for the issue is a “K-Neel