Is ballet a social dance? – Social Dancing Styles

Yes and no.

Social dancing is a dance that can be performed in a number of different settings and genres. One of the commonest social dances that people who use ballet for social reasons perform are:


Dance Lessons (if there are dancers in the class)

Schools and Clubs



Work and School Dances

A number of styles of social dance have been developed for a variety of situations. Some of these are specifically meant for dance lessons to a ballet company, others are used for class or dance lessons to a school or school organization, and still others perform in groups of some sort.

Why do I need a license?

Because dancing requires two things in order to get permission from the dance school to dance that is a license for dancers. To get a teacher’s license in dance you must be 18 years old as a dancer. When getting a license for public dance performances there are two licenses required: an instructor’s license and an individual’s license. The instructor’s license allows dancers to teach other dancers and gives them some sort of training to get them into the art of dancing. The individual’s license is required for individuals that do not need to be trained, but they pay a fee if they want to perform with their dance group.

Once a dance license has been obtained, it is no longer necessary to be a dancer. There is an old saying that “No teacher makes a dancer.” If you are a teacher but do not want to be a dancer anymore you do not have to get a new license, you can become a Certified Dance Instructor. You also have to register with the New York State Dance Department to teach classes, but most dance school principals will not require you to be certified. The only time a dance studio may require any certification is when there is something called a “master of ceremonies” that is performed by a teacher. A master of ceremonies is a special event to showcase a teacher’s art and ability.

What is a Dance Class?
her body as words — Peggy Baker Dance Projects

There are many different types of classes that go on all across New York State. There are classes that use different choreographies and types of dancers to entertain a group, classes that teach dancing fundamentals and more advanced class types which have some classes that focus on solo or partner dancing.

The classes that are taught in New York are typically different than most dance schools around the country. It’s called a dance class because dance is the medium in which students will

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