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It’s hard to tell the difference between a ballerina and a dancer. Both are human by trade, born with the same skills and aspirations. They are essentially a natural gift; not a special talent like those of singers or football players. In their own way, they are the same person.

They, too, are performing this way when they step out front. That is to say, they are all working hard to perform well in their chosen pursuit. But, when the dance is over, the social dance has to stop. The dance is no longer about you but for you, for your friends and the people that love you.

Like all social dances, the ballet is about creating the illusion of closeness between friends. And, as such, this illusion must be reinforced. The dancers must create a sense of intimacy through their performance. That is why I encourage you, dear reader, to get to know dancers by looking at other dancers. If you are friends with a person from a social movement you are connected to, then you will find it difficult to dismiss the dancer’s work just because your friend has a different dance style. To do so would be to deny that artistry exists among people of all types.

It’s also necessary to realize that not all ballet is done in the social dance. The true social dance is performed, no doubt, by professional dancers, but much of it is done by amateurs (the kind of dancers that you see on television!). Even well know and well respected social dance directors tend to keep their distance and do not seek to get involved in the social dance.

The social dance has its share of challenges for the dancer. The first is that a social dance requires a certain level of skill that can only be learned in a social milieu. Some dancers are able to master this skill in a short span of time, while others tend to find the social dance difficult. You do not need to learn a new dance before you can get into it. You need to know what you are supposed to be doing and how to follow it and be the best at it. It might seem daunting at first, but eventually it becomes instinctive. It will never be as hard as some of the social dance directors would like it to be. I’m not saying everybody can get into it as easily as the likes of Nina Desserits or Marina Zenovich. But to get into the social dance, you must not only have the correct skills or be able to perform successfully in that

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