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Are your parents? Who were the real inspirations for this dance?

The thing is ballet is about the body. It’s an extreme exercise. It’s an extreme test to develop and understand your body. I’m not saying that people should do ballet. And I know some people do, because I do it, but I do my own body. And I’m not telling anybody to do ballet.

But I love performing, and I really loved the idea. I think it’s wonderful what they did with this dance. Because it really shows what a great tool we have, the ability to express yourself for an audience. But I think it’s more than that. It’s about learning what people who understand you are trying to express inside and at the same time outside.

And then, I just love the notion that there are certain movements that we make and then that other movements that we make; they don’t have to be related. Because in the end, you’re trying to communicate these things. If they’re not related, if the two do not look alike and communicate, then, yes, those are the movements.

And in these movies and in the music videos you made, it’s like a mix. It’s a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of rock, a little bit of Latin music, and, yeah, a little bit of pop. But also, when you get into a musical dance movement or a physical movement, it’s really about the connection with everything that surrounds it. When you dance around me, I’m always trying to connect me with you. Because we’re in this space together. At the beginning, when we made it, we were making it to have something in common. And then what you’re realizing is there’s nothing in common.

Do you hear other people’s voices in the process, as well, when you are performing and you are shooting?

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Yes, definitely. I love listening to other people’s voices. You can’t create a thing with just your voice, and I think people really believe that. But, again, you’re trying to see that connection with the camera, or the screen, or whoever you are, wherever you are, what’s going on in the screen. And then, you know, that’s that’s the connection.

Can you pick songs when you are just walking through a studio? Like, are the songs that you are making always very specific?

Yeah. No. I’m

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