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The dance can have your mind in a very positive and happy place. The dance teaches people to be in flow. It helps people have a new kind of flow, where they are just in control, and they enjoy it. It helps people have a good vibe.

People often wonder if there are positive or negative effects, but the benefits of dance are so great it can’t be denied. We live in the most highly regulated society on planet earth because humans are the only species that can learn through physical and social methods as easily as they can learn by thinking. As a result dancing can make us more flexible, better communicators, stronger communicators and better managers. I know this is crazy to say, but it’s just that the dance has such positive effects.

Dr. Richard Garfield, an associate professor of psychology at Boston University, says that, “The effects of dancing are so great they are beyond belief. It can literally change the way people think and feel.”

Here are some of the things that can be beneficial to you in dance music:

• You can get in contact with your inner light; your inner light being a form of energy your soul. If that energy is focused in the right way it can provide you with amazing insights into yourself. When your heart-mind is in sync, then the things your mind sees cannot be seen by your other senses. It is like you are “breathing” in and out of your soul!

• This connection gives you the ability to learn from what you have heard and seen. You feel like you are really getting new ideas. This helps you learn something new and make better choices.

• The dance can bring life to your mind. If you are a very anxious person, then dancing can help you relax and put your mind back into its deep sleep. You feel like you can be anywhere. It’s like you are traveling outside your body. When you are dancing you are not just getting out of your body. You are getting inside your body.

• The dance teaches people to relax. When you are dancing you are not just going on dancing. You are making the connection from your body to the dance. You are in a state of flow.
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• It helps others. Everyone, of course, starts somewhere, but a dance can help others get into the flow much faster. You can learn to dance easily, and in fact, it can help you to be more creative and perform better. As you continue

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