How dance can help you mentally? – Social Partner Dancing

I had a lot of people email me saying, ‘I want you to teach me how to dance.’ And I’m like, ‘I know a couple girls who want to learn. What about you?’

I said, ‘I don’t want to teach them at all! They’re fine. Here’s a link to some cool dances.’ I’m not going to teach them any dance because I don’t want to train their brain, and let’s be honest — they’re still gonna be dancers as much as I am. I can use it as motivation, but I’m not going to be putting them in a position — any position — where their brain has to work hard and think fast.

If they do learn a dance, I want them to be able to remember it. I want people to be able to play a song with all their body parts. I want them to feel like I can teach them new dance moves. And you’re gonna look like a total nutcase on stage if you don’t. They’re not gonna think, ‘I can’t be that guy,’ and that’s fine.

As much as the people I have taught had been a little bit shy about their ability to perform with their body parts, I never thought that. I thought if they could just come up with a move without thinking about it and it’d be good to know. They were very positive about it, and after a while, they came to be very confident.

I still think there’s some stuff you can learn from the dancers you don’t have to learn from the body parts. My favorite dance moves are the ones that are not so much about muscles or muscle memory. I’m not too sure how you can learn those moves. It’s like, you’re not going to have great coordination in the dance if you’re not actually having some dance in your head. You have to have some thought in the dance.

If you’re not in sync in the dance, what does that tell you?

I think it tells you that you need to be in tune in the music and the scene. What are the people in the room seeing on stage? There are lots of people who do amazing things, but there are certain things you have to do if you want to be that person who’s the next big breakout dancer.

I think that being able to move with your whole body feels like a big deal when you’re an 18‑ to 22‑year‑old. It was hard

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