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Welcome! If you’ve been following our site you may have noticed our recent update to the brand of “Giant’s Den” called “Giant’s Den 2.” I’m sure many of you have been wanting to see it all again, so here it is!

A number of questions have popped up for me over the last year. So, before we move on, let me try to provide answers to a few of those queries, which is more than likely a good thing.

Is there an update to the previous page layout (or is it the old page layout now?)

There is a lot of new information at Giant’s Den that hasn’t yet been incorporated in “Giant’s Den 2” (sorry). This might be why the original page layout (old) is still available for reference on this page. Also, I didn’t want to leave you with an empty page with no information. So I’ve been working on the new page layout (the second one), in which most of the information that was on top of the old page layout has already been incorporated, to keep this page fresh and interesting. While they are still working on incorporating a version 4, I think we can safely assume that “Giant’s Den 2” will be the final version of this page layout. Once that is complete, I will likely be posting a new page layout on another site, with the new page layout of “Giant’s Den 2” here as a reference, as well as links to the old page layouts. Once updated, I will also post links to the new page layout of “Giant’s Den” and the old page layout of “Giant’s Den” on the home page of this site.

Why isn’t the old site at least up to date?

When I first posted this page and asked for feedback on the old page layout, it was only a matter of time before people began referring to that page layout as being up to date for the first time, so I decided to update it as well. While I am excited to see the old content pop up again someday (I was not expecting it to be this many years) I have not found any other pages that have been up to date within the last 5 years and I am currently considering moving “Giant’s Den” to another site.

What changes from last year are you making?
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