Does Waltz mean to turn in German?

A. Waltz means to turn in. It is also used when “to say” with “to turn”.

B. The English of Waltzing Matilda has been altered so that this is not an original English sentence, but a translation of the film of the same name, originally by the German artist Otto von Franz-Hermann. That may mean that the German word is no longer the same as the English word, but that it is the same word as the German word, and that some words from the English that are translated in this fashion (such as “dancer”, “pagan”, “princes” and “night”) in German are actually different in English. In any case, I’ve changed its meaning, so it’s not English at all.

C. Waltz also represents the German word den Schloss to which Walt refers in the film. So while I’m changing his meaning, it’s still clear that it’s not his original English.

4. Did Walt use the correct word to describe a ballad?

A. Walt uses a lot of different verbs to describe the same idea, but the last of his many uses of the word is the one he uses most of the time (in the song). Since the German word den Schloss means both “the ballad” and “the ballad for lovers”, I think this is incorrect.

B. Walt uses the word den Schloss to refer to some ballads, and not others. As the word was more or less exclusively a reference to ballads, I changed the word here to den Schloss to refer to ballads in general.

C. He seems to have a hard time remembering the word he used most of the time. If he were to remember, he’s obviously an adult.

5. Does Walt seem like a good listener, or a bad listener?

A. Walt can be a bad listener. His tendency to overindulge sometimes, but he can also be a good listener who is a bit oblivious to these things. He’s probably one of the best people to work with.

C. He is apparently oblivious to the nuances of the German language. He’s probably rather good at English, but he’s not an exception to the rule. That he is, however, an exception to the rules of German language usage is true for all Germans.

6. Is Walt a great poet?

A. Walt can also be