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It could mean any number of things. But there are plenty of indications that the showrunners have decided they will make a full Spanish language feature film.

It isn’t just “Breaking Bad.” The show has many Mexican characters on the show, and I would assume all of the cast and cast members from the show are Mexican. The showrunners have always taken great pains to acknowledge their backgrounds, even if it has seemed forced. In fact they do it for every character in every show they make, so even if Walt gets his head severed it won’t be a huge surprise.

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For now in addition to Spanish, “Breaking Bad” is being translated in several other languages. It is likely that the show’s Latino characters will also be given some translation into English, and that the language would be played up more in some ways than in others.

As some of the cast members’ comments have indicated, the decision to make Spanish a feature film is not only in the best interests of the show’s Hispanic population, but also the network. The Latino and African American audience that has grown so quickly through the years is not only important to network executives, but also to the creative members of the production team, and for the creators themselves to say they will be able to cast, produce and manage their own movies that speaks to what they love about the show and has been written for them, without ever needing to rely on a foreign production company.

Of course the showrunners also have to be on board with whatever they decide to do with the film, and that decision is just as critical. I have already discussed the showrunners’ desire for “Better Call Saul” to be seen not as a typical series of mini-series, but as a full feature film. That requires the showrunners to say they are looking to make a film that has a true beginning and a true end. It is not enough to say the production will go on regardless of the fate of the show. Walt is not going to be decapitated. His story is to be told. A new start is needed as Saul Goodman’s story grows and the show continues on.

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