What skills do you need to be a painter? – Kline Creative

“If you want to be a painter, you need to know how to paint, whether that’s a picture, a landscape, a drawing, whatever. You need to know how to create a good image and then you also need knowledge of light, shadow and shadow correction, all of which are important.”

Do you have a background in art education?

I was a visual artist, a fine arts teacher who learned it from my dad and he taught it to me as well. I also studied computer graphics, which is a pretty broad range of art. I was a graphic designer, a photographer, an artist, an editor. I was doing a lot of different things. I guess that goes on for a lot of artists. I went to school in a pretty special school in New Jersey where my dad was a psychiatrist. The guy that went there was Dr. Michael J. Cramer, he was one of the leading psychiatrists in New Jersey. I went there to be a psychiatrist and he taught me.

The other thing that made it a good school was they had a real emphasis on art and design. There wasn’t much formal art education, because they didn’t have any classes for art on a regular basis and I just wanted to pursue art more with the art program. In fact, I wanted to go to art school, but I wasn’t going to take as many classes with the art classes. But they had, I think they had about 20 classes per year, for about a dozen years. I would study in there for about five months or so.

Did you have any kind of teacher?

There were lots of school teachers, but I’m not really sure exactly who they were. I guess my dad was pretty well known and I went to school with him and we were in a pretty large community in a pretty small school in Massachusetts. I never went to school with other artists, but I went to school in a community with other people.

What kind of teacher encouraged you to be an artist?

“They really encouraged my interest. They just wanted me to have the interest. They wanted me to have the artistic side. They didn’t mind if I was learning how to read, how to write, how to draw or something like that but they never put me in a formal art class. They would give me a project to go work on and the most important thing to them was the kid being creative and getting their ideas out there for all of our classes. They

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