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For me, being an artist in general or just being passionate about all things painting is something that I can do as well. I can be drawn to a good work, I can be inspired by a good piece. When it comes to painting, I could say maybe one of the three. It’s hard to give you a specific answer, how to do. My experience, I got more out of being a music listener, then I got out of being an artist. I was able to find things that I like that would make a painting easier, that would enhance art.

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What are your favorite things to paint?

Honestly, I can’t say I like to paint. I guess that’s up to the artist. I like to paint all genres of pictures, and of course, I like to paint people. I can’t pick any one thing I like. Anything that I like, I work on it more. As the artists in the band say, there’s just something so unique about all things painting. We’re doing our own interpretation of it. I think that’s one of the main reasons why we’re successful as we are, and people are able to get a feel for it, how to do everything we do and what kind of people we could make music with. That’s something that I’d like to be a part of again someday.

What was going through your mind when you first heard that a man named Andrew Jackson had died in 1824? Were you a happy man? Or, perhaps even more sad.

For over 100 years historians have been writing books about the life and accomplishments of Andrew Jackson. But if one looks closer, the facts are often more complicated than many of these historical documents state to be. One such book comes from a recent Yale University book entitled “The Rise, Fall, and Restoration of Andrew Jackson: An American Century” by Robert J. Ruhl.

Jackson’s rise to American politics was not by accident. In reality, Andrew’s rise came about through his military successes during the American Civil War and his successful campaigns as the head leader of America’s only independent federal government to free his country from French colonial rule. However, Jackson’s success as a general, his first foray into politics, was a direct result of the political situation America was facing at the time. When America had little or no control over the British North American colonies, the British saw in Andrew Jackson a powerful leader who could be instrumental in uniting the country under British rule.

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