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My wife says I should go to the drawing studio every day. I think that would be a good idea and a helpful exercise. For me it was a great way to build an interest in drawing and the process of seeing things in three dimensions. Then I would be prepared to work on anything I wanted to practice.

I also wanted to draw more so I bought the Sketchpad (this is still my workhorse as I still have my old one) but I now have the 3D Viewer. I now love to use this.

How did you get your start writing books?

I’ve always been good at writing and my dad would often ask me questions and help me with anything creative. One time he asked me to come over to see where the school in his town was, so I met him at the library and then we walked to his home. He told me he was interested in finding out if I could write and he could ask me a couple of questions to see if I could come out with a book. I started writing.

What would you consider your greatest achievement as a creator?

My biggest accomplishment as a creator is my wife. She inspired me to pursue my dreams and helped me in learning how to produce comics, but I also feel very blessed (for her) to not have had to work a full-time job. I’ve been working on books and other work and still have money for my wife’s health insurance so she didn’t have to worry about it.

Did you ever find that you were not talented at drawing or would you have been able to get work just like your dad did?

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Not sure if my dad could do anything similar in any degree. He started out doing small, local work as a freelance artist and was able to get jobs with places like Nickelodeon (which didn’t have artists back then). While some people say he could never have gotten work with Hollywood unless he was really good at drawing that’s not the case; I have heard that at least once as well.

Your parents gave you permission to talk about your work and have you done that. What would they think of your artistic process and how did they react when you opened a box of your art?

They gave me permission since I’m a college graduate and a very open person. I was able to talk to them as parents about what I wanted to do and when I was ready, that was the day I started. I knew it would only take

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