What is the best online drawing course?

Asking for a friend…

A drawing course can be a very educational experience. It’s all about the process, in which you have to have control of your image to produce it. It may seem simple, but you will get more out of your course than you think. The best way to learn to draw is by taking it up step-by-step, working with your own material.

A few things to consider before applying to any school
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1 – It is very important not to apply too late, as not all schools accept new applicants. You do not know anything about the school, not even how long they have been teaching. Try to wait for a couple of months and get a sense of what kind of education they offer so that you have the best possible chance of getting in.

2 – A degree does not guarantee you going into any business, so your first step is to get to know the teacher. Is he or she well known on a regular basis? If so, it will be very difficult to find a good drawing school, but there are several to choose from. If a school will let you in for free for you to take a class, they may not be good at finding the right teachers. Some students have had problems finding an art teacher they enjoyed!

3 – If you do really want to go into a business, then have a look at the courses that your friends go onto and see if they are good for you! Some of them will have a real focus on business, as opposed to art.

4 – Take a look at what the school is doing, what kind of training you will need, how long it will take and if you will be paid at all. You may be able to get through a few things on your own and you will be able to come out of it relatively well if you have an interesting job lined up.

5 – Some courses are just not designed to be taken by a beginner and some that are are. Take into account how close you are to a good drawing school and ask whether it would be beneficial for you to go into such a school.

6 – Get your picture sorted out, and prepare to draw some good pictures. The main reason to study for a drawing course is to improve your drawing and you won’t find it too difficult to learn some of the tricks. If it is too difficult, don’t bother. There are plenty of websites and magazines that can demonstrate the various methods, as well as