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What is a self taught musician called? No way? No. The answer is yes. You can create what you call yourself and then have artists (like me) to listen, who listen for the same kind of things. In fact, a lot of the reason why I am as passionate about music as I am is because the same bands have played in the same clubs with no more than a handful of listeners. These are the bands you know. Those who have created more than a few hits in their career have never had to travel to other cities for the people there to hear their music.

The same is true in the indie world. It can be a little tougher than that to get noticed, but you can use the talent of your local community and their love of the music you made and learn from them and create something new. In some cases it is not a band, but something bigger, and in those cases it is more than a band; it is just you on stage playing the music.

How did a singer become a musician?

It was when I did not play in the local scene and discovered local artists like the aforementioned bands who had reached out and talked with me. I took the advice and took the time to get to know a lot of talented bands and their music personally. I was in those bands first. Then, I would ask for their advice and take the time to learn from them. At the time I was just starting out and I could never really understand the process. Even though I knew there was talent, there were too many obstacles to jump, and it just never quite happened for me. The more I learned, the more I realized it was a process that was only accessible to people like myself.

You have this great video for your song “Breathe”. How did that project come about?

I had been trying to record songs on my phone and it was a slow process because I could not see the tape master that I had created. So one day I was out and about and saw this guy who had just uploaded a song from a studio. I asked for a copy and got a copy. I did not understand the process or the music, and I was a little taken away by it. So I asked again how many people had heard the sound file, and this time I got a second copy. So this happened again. I went to the studio and I played a song through and I was floored. I was like wow that was so good that I

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