Is udemy drawing course good?

Miyazaki Shigenori – If you look at your drawings, Miyazaki Shigenori is the most good at it.

Nakamura Yuuichi – Because you should be using your body, and you think about doing it on the spot, like a sketch. (laughs)

Yoshikawa Hideki – I guess I’m quite good at drawing people, but I only manage to draw my brothers very well.

Vincent – If you do it on the spot, you can do as long as you want.

Yoshikawa Hideki – I think you just put a pencil between each of your fingers, and you just draw with the fingers. It’s not about drawing, I think. It’s about being honest about it.

Vincent – When were your first drawings?

Hideki – Like this, I drew characters and characters in the first chapter.

Vincent – How did the drawing process differ between the two of you?

Nakamura Yuuichi – It’s like doing a drawing and then copying a drawing from the drawing and vice versa. I usually do it with one hand and then, when I need more space, I use my other hand. I think that it goes quite quick.

Miyazaki Shigenori – I was able to sketch even earlier and get really good at it.

Kawakami Takeuchi – But because I was drawing by hand I couldn’t catch the timing, so I drew something that looked right by drawing it in my head. My hands are quite good.

Vincent – But you used to draw faster, isn’t that true?

Nakamura Yuuichi – I always draw the same direction in my sketch. I think drawing in one direction is easier.

Miyazaki Shigenori – You use your eyes. You can’t move your head, but you still can get close to a drawing. (laughs)

Ryoichi Muraoka – I think drawing is really easy. As long as you’re good with the drawing, you should be able to draw something on the spot.

Vincent I see, so drawing with your eyes is the way you draw.

Ryoichi Muraoka – It’s possible to do it, it seems like, but most of the time, I think it’s fine to draw something from a distance.

Vincent – Ahh, like a picture