Is udemy drawing course good? – Online Art Classes For High School Students

or should i give up? what if i fail? is there something i can do?


I also have had a couple of people suggest udemy drawing classes. I’m not sure it’s helpful to me as a teacher to answer that question, though. I have never used them. It is certainly more convenient to have more of an expert on board, but there are also some things to take into consideration. I would not have been able to use the program I have in place now. I have a class, and one day they will all be teaching the course. Then we can see what can be done about it.

I don’t know if the only problem is having to show students the tools. Or if the classes would only be offered to those who have access to a computer. If I had taught in the U.K. or Germany, I’d have had the opportunity to use more modern digital drawing software. But I’m doing all of my teaching in Taiwan and U.S. If I had to make up something from scratch, I probably could have, but I don’t need the course materials because it’s too expensive to bring these things across.

So what would a course like this look like anyway?

I’ve got a few concepts of what I think need to be clarified for this course. Here’s the basics I want to cover:

I want to use the program Pencil to draw everything in the real world (or in some cases the computer’s drawing software). We’re not even discussing how to use the software to draw computer graphics or paint. This course will be a discussion of Pencil’s limitations, and how you can use them instead.

I want to do all of my drawing from the computer, and the program is designed to be an advanced drawing tool. But not everyone can write a program this powerful. If we only have a few people in the class, I can do it. (As long as the software is the same as it has been in years ago.) I won’t have anyone watching your sketches at home, taking notes, making corrections, etc.

I want to draw every image I have for myself when I’m bored or when no one else is around. I don’t know why I am so excited about this concept.

I need to use a program that’s much bigger and more detailed than the ones my friends use.

I want to create larger and larger pieces, and I need an approach

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