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I can’t go for more than an hour on it, my brain is so messed up right now. It’s a good course. If u want a quick course though it’s a bad one. I really enjoy studying Chinese so that’ll be the one. If u can’t do the Chinese then study the basic korean language instead. I think you can use the Chinese and go back in time to learn Korean and then you can finish this course. But I have no idea what you can study and what your limits are for studying.

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The new album from American Football goes a little further west. With only 11 tracks, this is the band’s most experimental yet. “S.D.P.” is the band’s attempt at recording, mixing and mastering an album that is truly its own, distinct work.

Produced in New Jersey by Scott Riesen, American Football is at once a classic rock LP and a contemporary rock album, taking on different sonic forms simultaneously.

Track Listing:

01. The Game

02. In Your Image

03. The Farther Down

04. The Raggedy Bass

05. S.D.P.

06. You’re Still In This World

07. A Message

08. The Game

09. A Message

10. Farther Down

11. The Raggedy Bass

12. The S.R.P. Message

13. When The Lights Go Out

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