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I’ve been using Meebo for about 1 year now now. The best part about their app is that it doesn’t even track my activity. It’s completely up to me. It’s definitely not tracking everything you do, so don’t think for a second that it’s perfect. And for those of you still skeptical about this whole thing, just try it.

What are you waiting for? Set up a free account and start using Meebo!

Here’s a short clip from a recent video that showcases the benefits of getting your daily tasks tracked on Meebo…

This week my mom came to visit me from Sweden. To make up for the absence of her, her father came to help out. He is a very kind old man (he was in my hometown at the same time she was, of course) and when they arrived to pick me up, they went to the store and bought me a nice sweater. It would not have been unusual for the shopping trip to be quite difficult. They didn’t buy any of the clothes I wanted, but the sweater was nice enough to make up for the inconvenience. In addition to the sweater, each of them bought some extra snacks (I ate my first bagel and some fruit to get them started, but their second gift came with a package of chocolates), along with a new sweater from the same store. I think she was a little proud of them.

Anyway, the trip did little more than give me plenty of time to process the gift from my mom. To put my thoughts into words, I will be posting them on my blog tomorrow. My mom has spent a long time living in Sweden so I can’t remember all the names of everyone here, but I will probably include my neighbors and friends.

The gift that most struck my senses was the large box that the family left. I had been expecting something from that type of box. At the time, I had no idea what exactly it was. Now I do. And what do I see for myself? This big box, which looks like it might come in any color you like: an assortment of toys, a board game (“Star Wars”, as if it has been forgotten), and (of course) the gift my mom sent on the bus journey.

I opened them on day one of my trip, to find that the board game is a very popular game from Sweden. I was a little confused by this game. I’ve played board games with my brothers before

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