Is painting easier than drawing? – Spray Paint Art Classes

A: Painting is about knowing how to use the brush and the colours. If you’ve been painting for a while then I’m sure you’ve got the right vocabulary to know how to use the brush and what colours to use. You are also more familiar with using the brush, because so much depends on the technique of the artist. It’s more a ‘feel-good’ thing. You get the best out if you approach something from the heart rather than worrying about the exact technique, and then trying to perfect it or do exactly what the artist wants. This is where you get some of your most rewarding results.

Q: What do you like about drawing?

A: A lot of that depends on the subject matter. If the subject is an animal, like a deer or a cat, then it may be very simple to draw but it’s much harder to draw something that’s bigger. But in terms of themes, there is a bit of a difference. I’ve always enjoyed drawing animals. It can be hard to make it big, I’ve never wanted to do any of the ‘heavy’ stuff from painting, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of creating something that’s very realistic, for example. That’s more for me.

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Q: Do you find it easier painting landscapes than in your classical painting?

A: Painting landscapes is a lot more fun because I draw with more freedom to draw as I like and it’s better because I can’t stop and ask permission to change the strokes or the colours. The scenery is what you get for your money, that’s all. You have a choice of what to paint and what to not – everything’s a choice, there isn’t any need to adhere to anybody’s ideas. At the end of the day, it’s all my work so I don’t have to think of anything else. You just have to be happy with it – there’s no pressure. At the beginning it can be a bit weird – not a lot of people get it, I haven’t seen too many people like me. Even if it’s your first time you don’t have to be too strict. I’m not looking for perfection. I do try to make the painting as pretty as possible but if something goes wrong it’s all my fault. You can be happy with a good working picture but there’s probably a better one out there.

Q: Are there any works that you always look at if you’re bored?

A: I’ve got

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