Is online certification valid? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes

The online certification program is valid for 12 months with a $75.00 processing fee. You must pay the 12 month fee before any certification is issued.

Can I re-certify?

Yes. You can re-certify if two or more courses meet these requirements.

What type of verification certificates can I receive?

Certification of the required courses, e.g. Course 3, is valid for 7 days and then you can receive another course verification certificate.

Certification of the course that is required (e.g. Course 3) is not valid after 7 days.
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The Canadian Press

NANAIMO, B.C. — On the first day of spring, residents of Nelson, B.C. are preparing for a warm winter that promises a return to the winter conditions that caused much of the damage in last year’s flooding.

Residents have been urged to be cautious and not to be alarmed about the potential for a repeat of last year’s record breaking flooding.

In February, the city received the word that the river water level had dropped to the point that it no longer required the same precautions as in the winter.

When CBC recently spoke to city officials, they said they have not yet heard about reports of flood conditions in other parts of Nelson — the most populated town in British Columbia with roughly 16,000 people.

Some residents have expressed fear that they don’t want to take the weather into consideration for their decision to build homes in the town.

“We don’t want to put our house on the shelf that we’ve already put it on, because, on the other hand, we’re going to know,” said Mark Farr, who’s worried he’ll be forced to leave his house after the heavy floodwaters that have inundated Nelson over the past few weeks.

Flooding has damaged dozens of homes and vehicles in the town and on the highway connecting

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