Is learning to draw hard? – Online Drawing Classes For Kids

Not at all. But a few pointers on how to draw with both a pencil and a fountain pen can go a long way in your learning process.

Step 1: Find your drawing tool

When creating your next cartoon, you may need to find your drawing tool of choice. I use a ballpoint pen but a fountain pen is the most convenient and easiest way to do it. If you want to see why, check out how I create my art on this Instagram page. To find a pen that suits you or you’re comfortable with, I suggest getting a few basic pens and pencils and trying to find one that is easy to use. For my drawings I use a ballpoint pen because it creates smooth lines and it’s simple to use without too much effort. If you buy a fancy pen, it will cost you as much as a basic pen. I’ve also heard from collectors that it is more likely to bleed when they go too close to the line and draw too much. I don’t know why this is though, but I really haven’t noticed. It isn’t because I don’t draw with such a pen, but rather, I have very good luck with this pen.

Step 2: Get the line down right

Whether you use a ballpoint pen or a regular pen, your drawing hand will have to work more or less hard when creating a good line, especially as you’ll be using such soft, medium and heavy weight lines. When making drawings with a pen, the easiest way to get to the line before you have to force it in is to place your drawing hand on top of a sharp object so that the tip is pressed on the object before you are ready to draw with a stiffer brush. If you don’t have a sharp object that you can tap the handle on, draw with your finger on the edge of the pen and the tip will feel the pressure. I like to use an eraser or some pen cleaner to get the excess in the line so that my next drawing doesn’t have to use so much effort. As you see in this illustration, I put my finger on the edge of the object to tap the pen on which is the line.

This way when I’m about to tap the pen, the extra pressure causes the pen to have a bit of a lift. If you want to learn how to draw with a pen, check out this guide to using a pen.

Step 3: Draw slowly

It doesn’t get any easier than getting your

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