Is it too late to learn to draw?

Yes you better find out, there’s no way around it.”

“I’m not gonna learn.” She pouted. “You think a five year old does stuff like this? Not like I’d have to go in and put on some silly costume and have her do it. Just get me to the hospital and I’ll be good.” The two teens stood in the small open room. “I think I’ll pass.”

Ruby laughed and let loose a few bursts of laughter before settling down as she started taking off her schoolgirl costume. Ruby had always been the loud-mouth bully. She did some of the most obnoxious things to the other girls at her school, which resulted in a lot of bullying, the biggest of which being Ruby’s attempt to bully Yang. Yang had tried to use this as an excuse to get off of a fight with her, which lead to almost two weeks of trying to push Ruby away. It resulted in a lot of the girls teasing the younger girl. Eventually Yang had gotten fed up of trying to keep her from talking to her sister and was finally going to just do as Ruby asked the other day.

“It’s not going to be easy. This is gonna take a long time and you’re gonna see me grow.” Ruby said as she started taking her clothes off. She made sure to keep her dress shirt rolled up and left a little bit of fabric around the sides to show off her curves. She was going to wear a skirt that was a little shorter than her normal school skirt.

“So how’s this going to work?” Jaune asked.

“Well, you’re basically going to be in a big metal box, with a big hole cut in it and a magnet going through it.”

Jaune was looking quite doubtful. “Yeah, I haven’t been out in the field for ages. It’ll go in a hole, and then it’ll just be a big magnetic thing.”

Ruby rolled her eyes. “Oh no you won’t Jaune, this is the only way it’ll work.”

Jaune stared at her. “Ruby, this is just ridiculous. We don’t have to play with these metal boxes and magnetizing something like this makes it pointless. You can use the regular magnet on the box.”

“No, Jaune it can’t, they would put a magnet in there for us.”

“No there isn’t, you’re not gonna get into that kind of trouble if someone does get arrested for