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Not yet!

After being released from jail by the government on January 30th, a new study reveals that the percentage of Muslim Americans who are religious is the lowest it has been for 35 years.

And while the report itself makes no claim of a causal connection to this plummet and doesn’t explain what has caused it, the news is sure to put a huge dent in that narrative that Islam is all about violence, and the rest of us should go outside and practice our religion peacefully.

According to the report, “Religiosity, Atheism and Interfaith Relationships in the United States, 1960-2012,” “In 1960, 33 percent of adults nationwide identified as religious; by 2012, that number dropped to 28 percent.”

How is this possible? You ask? Well, the biggest culprit could be Millennials.

If that’s true, then the “Muslim Apocalypse?” It certainly is, but then how does that explain what is happening to Muslims, or why Americans have gone so crazy when we’ve had an Islamic Terrorist in control of the White House for decades? Why are people still talking about the Sept. 11th attacks? Why wasn’t there a backlash by Muslims to get rid of them? Who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks? Who’s going to be next?

The “war on terror” is one of the greatest tragedies in history and yet many in the mainstream media and Hollywood are still giving it a pass, because…well…we don’t really know.

The Pew study does not provide any explanation for the drastic drop in religiosity. But I do know one thing – we have all seen the “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” the people who were “punished” by Muslims for “inspiring” young Muslims to “follow a faith other than Islam,” and yet still they’ve never seen a drop in membership among Muslim Americans. So maybe we should wait for the Pew report to come out, while we can still find out how many “Jehovah’s Witness” people are out there, and then let’s go from there.

We’re the Muslims and we can do it!

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The U.S. Air Force wants to put the same $1 million-a-year-in-funds for three of its two operational fighter squadrons on a long-term reserve. The Air Force would also like to purchase up to 100 F-35B Lightning II aircraft

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