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Here are eight books by the great master and his remarkable family to help you improve your drawing skills.

“The drawing instruction book was written with the help of artists, who knew that it is not enough just to have the knowledge of anatomy, or just to be able to draw in the right proportions, but that this really makes a great difference.

“If you have never had the opportunity to take an anatomy class or are concerned about the health problems that may result from studying such anatomy, then I highly recommend this book.”

— Dr. Richard T. Houghton, a New Orleans, La. physician.

“The anatomy of the hand is not just an art — it is a science and it was written by an expert.” [from the introduction]

— Dr. Edward E. Smith, a New York City physician and professor emeritus of physiology and anatomy.

“I found the drawing instruction book and the anatomy of the hand to be a great stimulus to my art. I was really amazed with both the drawing process and the anatomy… The drawings of the anatomy of the hand, especially, made my practice one hundred times easier.”

— Dr. William A. Bales, a New York City physician and author.
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“The book that is called The Anatomy Book is really the art. I recommend it with the utmost confidence.”

— Dr. Richard S. Condon, an emeritus professor of anatomy at Dartmouth College.

“With the complete knowledge of anatomy, I have never looked on anatomy art more confidently.”

— Dr. Kenneth A. Young, an associate professor of anatomy at the University of Virginia Medical School.

“As for the anatomy of the hand, it is not simply a science but a science in every sense of the word. The drawings presented herein are by no means poor. The book has been designed not only to aid in the comprehension of the anatomy, but to aid in the use of the hand.”

— Dr. Thomas McBride, professor of anatomy at Texas A&M.

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