Is drawing a talent or a skill?

I’m very interested to explore that.

How does the player get to create that?

I think it’s a combination in that the player can create everything. You can use a simple tool and say I want to make a tower that is a few hundred points. It’s not a full tower, but it can look similar because the height is in that scale. You have a lot of flexibility to build stuff in games.

What’s the inspiration for the tower’s design and construction?

A bunch of different things. The tower that we’re doing right now is a huge example. We’re working on a couple other tower design concepts, but those are going to be smaller, but hopefully they can inspire something new.

How do your concepts evolve for each game?

I really like to give the game more time to be formed, to really flesh out the world for the player. I don’t want them to be overwhelmed at the moment and try to create a tower at the moment, because that doesn’t look really interesting if that’s all they’ve got. We want to build and give them the time to shape the tower.

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Would you say building a tower is much more rewarding when there’s a lot of detail to the architecture?

I wouldn’t say that it is, but I would say the more you do something, especially in open world games, the more creative you get. It’s interesting to draw inspiration from things that are out there in the world, and how people create and build things.

If we were a game developer and we wanted to, we’d have more time to work with artists to make the game better, so for us, we really enjoy the process of trying to create and explore and create and explore that world. We want to get to a place where we can actually make something and it looks cool.

Are there any challenges during concepting?

I’m not sure if it was challenging in itself, but it was the time and the creativity that was involved. If you can’t spend three or four months on something in two days, that does make it a bit limiting.

What’s the best part about working with a designer on a project like this, in general?

I think it just helps me have someone who has a creative vision that I can actually understand. That really lends itself to the process. With artists, I think it’s fun in some ways to have a few things I can draw