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Drawing a talent is a difficult thing to do, since you have no control over what a person chooses to do with their talent. We’re not sure if there is a standard for a “drawing skill” though, either.

For example, we’re very happy to be able to say that you can draw. We feel that if you are a talented artist you should be allowed to express your creativity and expression in any way you see fit. However, we do not want to limit you from pursuing your vision of drawing because your ability to draw is not necessarily a talent.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you came up with the concept of the skill, how you came to the “drawing” portion of the name and where it came from?

When the character designer was working on the character designs we decided to name it after the three words we felt like all artists felt when we were a kid: “draw.” (laughs) When deciding on who to give this skill to, we looked at those who expressed themselves with drawing skills and thought that the name was appropriate. You can probably see the roots of how this skill became such a part of the community of Pokemon!

It is amazing. When you create something, it comes out as art when one looks at it through an artistic lens. It has nothing in common with an actual skill in terms of its use or actual rules. When you decide to use it, however, you have to respect the people around you and work with their understanding. This has been the philosophy behind the creation of this skill.

You can tell from the title that it is something very personal to you as a creator. What made this title so special to you and what is the secret behind its appearance?

When I was thinking of making this skill, I was thinking about the two things that the name implies which we’ve heard so many times over the years: art and creativity. I believe there are really strong similarities between the two. I think it’s great that “drawing” is a very accessible skill to people.

The name is also just a hint of what we hope to create and show to you. We love the art of drawing. I think of ourselves as a kind of “artists” of Pokemon games. A kind of artist who draws things that make people happy. While I understand that’s a bit over-the-top, I’m glad to see that you feel that, as artists for everyone.
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