Is art a talent or a skill? – Online Art Lessons For High School

It’s a combination of both! When it comes to skill, you can become an artist because you have enough skill and a small enough collection of skill. It doesn’t have to be an art career — you can be creative because you love to draw, you love to paint or you have a hobby. We’re making a very small contribution to the field of art — we hope to start a gallery in New Orleans that will showcase some of the great and not-so-great artists in New Orleans.

On the flip side, when it comes to art, your talent is not wasted — you can learn to draw from a very young age and you can even do it with the right motivation. Art is an outlet for you — if you can’t draw, at least draw something! We’re proud to bring art to life in New Orleans by teaching and helping people come into the world with more than just the talent that they started their career with.

We’re also excited because you and your creativity are making us a better city in so many ways! We want to build a community where you can be inspired to do creative projects. We want you to learn about art and art history and learn the history of New Orleans.

Thank you! This is going to be a great city to live in!


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