How long does it take to learn to draw?

According to some teachers, there is a time window of a few months to get your skills in order, and a lot of teaching, preparation, and trial and error. I have seen people take up to a year to become competent at working with colour, and it is certainly possible and achievable for us to learn this skill while still drawing. I would love to have a little piece of feedback from you in the future so that we as a community can figure out which style of drawing we should use more and which style will feel the most useful to us as artists.

Do you take commissions? How do you find them? I have done many commissions in the past, mainly to people in my community and friends whom I have known for many years. My favourite commission was to a friend about 4 or 5 years ago who is now running a website for kids. I had a great, wonderful experience during these commissions.

Do you draw online? Yes, quite a bit. I have found online is a fantastic resource for beginners to learn how to draw. It also keeps everyone updated as they progress. I have actually created a little game where I am not only posting pictures of the commissions with pictures of what they were like but giving hints on how the character would draw. It is really fun and a lot of fun to be able to share my pictures. My favourites are the ones that are more animated than the others. The ones I find most often are my friends’ characters. I would love to have an artist in my community to give us some advice on how I go about making our characters look more like their artists.

Do you have a favourite artist? It’s hard to pick one. I love to be able to work with the folks I love as much as I love my family. My favourite artist is probably Mr. Stonk, he is just a joy to work with and I love working with his style of drawing. I have also loved working with John Lee, who is also my good friend, and we work together to make some of our comics.

What are you currently working on? I have so many projects to keep me busy and busy. I am looking forward to finally having a few months in which I can work on my art. I also have a few projects that I am working on in progress that I am looking forward to releasing on my own website this summer. I plan on doing a few projects over the summer and then release more after summer break.

What do you like to do