How do you start off a painting? – Mark Kistler’s Online Art Lessons

What’s your typical start?

I used to take out a large, large piece of wallpaper and I would go in with paint and paint on the surfaces I was making in the process. My typical starting point was my favorite painting in my home in the kitchen. I would draw on the wall and I would paint the whole room. I’m just trying to bring these wonderful emotions to the paint. Some people are so influenced by the art that have their artwork in a living room.

Have you tried to figure out a way to make your artwork feel less like wallpaper or art after you make a piece?

I think I’m gonna try to figure this one out on my own. I have a lot of pieces that I like, but I’m still really trying to figure stuff out. [laughs]

What is a piece you can tell everyone about?

I like to start each project with a piece with a different style that gives the piece a little bit of a different vibe than all the other pieces in the room. I’m always trying to figure out what vibe I’m gonna make it with. The first piece I used wood to do was “Mama Made Me Love Her,” in a space that I had painted like a girl. The first piece I had painted in that room had these great, large wood-block things. I really liked them and I found that a lot of people found them beautiful. I had them installed here and there and started making some of my own things out of them. This piece, for instance, is a wood frame, one of the smaller pieces in my room.

Do you have some of your own pieces that you can tease about?

I have a piece with a lot of glass on it that has a lot of different elements and I’ll just try to tease out what that piece is about. I’ll just have some pictures and call that piece a “Vitamin O.”
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You had a big impact on the art world with the art you make on The Mamasan. What do you draw from that?

The piece that really influenced me the most right now—I don’t know if it’s called the Magenta or Green—it’s a piece of art by my friend and teammate and brother David “Mama Lou” Linnell called “The Purple” and it’s just my favorite piece in my whole collection. I just love it so much.

For you what is the art of making something like the M

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