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I start off in any old sketchbook or sketchbook that is small enough to fit my hand and is not cluttered with too many little notes, I want to be able to reach in and put a brush in, I know the technique of drawing on paper so I know what I can do with my paints and I have an idea of what I want the piece to get out.

Where do you draw your inspiration from the real world?

I draw inspiration from almost all genres, from fantasy, horror, science fiction, comic books, horror movies, cartoons, movies etc… but mostly from the big picture.

Do you draw your inspirations from your surroundings?

I draw inspiration from wherever I look at the place and I go back to it often enough as I feel that I have some kind of story there, from my job experience and life experience.

Where do you think the artwork of your family and their lives will continue to take them?

They travel around the world, and have been doing so for nearly 20 years now. What I get from my family, the time I get with them, the memories we have shared and of course my work that I draw to help them through the process of life.

What projects have you put forth that you are looking forward to after you retire?

It is hard to say I have put forth any projects as I am working my heart out on this.

Where are you looking to get your next commissions?

Well after I finish my current projects, I would like to find a space in the world that I can paint, I want to create a place where people feel like they belong and can express what they want and know how to communicate their own ideas visually to a greater audience.

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You need to be at least the same level as the boss to receive the rewards.

Items and rewards

You can receive the first set of rewards after completing all 7 quest chains.

Reward categories

Categories of reward

You can get a reward from any of these categories. The only category of unique items you can receive is the [Cape] and [Mantle] category.

Achievement reward categories

An achievement can be attained from any of these categories.

Rewards by playing alone

Only 5 sets of rewards are available for all 3 player solo play and 6 sets are available for all 3 player group play.


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