How do you draw an online course?

It’s a matter of trying lots of different things, to see what catches your attention. You don’t do a bunch and then say, “Well, I think this is worth something,” you think about it carefully. That’s why I think most online courses are so valuable. You always learn something.

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So I think the idea is to look at the world in a new way every day. You’re a student, but you’re looking at the world differently through the lens of course work. You’re still the same individual, but you start to see what is meaningful.

How do you find a course that will help you grow? Do you search for something and find it quickly? Or do you try and build a rapport and find people with experience in the area you’re interested in?

In that first year you’re just trying to find a few ideas that you can use every day, that you can try out. They all have a good chance of happening. If it works, you move on.

How do you decide if a course is worth investing in?

It depends on what your goals are. For example, if you’re interested in making a lot of money, going to a lot of conferences, traveling, speaking to a lot of people, doing a lot of interviews – these are all very powerful reasons to sign up for a course.

If I’m a very good software developer and I want to have a good career, then I want to have a big impact on technology. So if I have these things in my life and I want to have a lot of impact, then I’m more likely to enroll in an online course in a different field. It’s more likely to work.

If I want to travel the world and I want to learn a lot about different regions, then I can do a lot more research on different places and read different books. A lot more experience in that field will have a long-lasting impact on the way you see things…

A lot of people go to many courses and see this great idea and they decide to take a couple of times and then they don’t do it. They leave the course; they skip the content they don’t see the value from, and they leave the course.

That doesn’t really appeal to me that much. I want to learn and I want to build my portfolio of courses, and I want to go through the process in depth.

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