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Start with simple designs and learn as you go to be comfortable with building basic elements. By building simple forms as a part of each app, you develop your creativity and can create anything you want.

What does it mean to design for beginners?

Most people are surprised when I explain that design isn’t about what’s practical and efficient. It’s more about being creative and having an eye for design. Many people don’t seem to think about aesthetics or good design until they are well into their design career. However it’s important to have a basic understanding of basic concepts like layout, design, and typography.

What do you learn during your internship?

You learn new skills, get the design pipeline straightened out, and learn to collaborate without limitations. The goal is to create things that you can’t find on the market, such as beautiful apps, easy-to-use user interfaces, and beautiful designs.

What do you think would have been easier if you had a better job or education?
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If I was more employed with a good job or college degree I would have gotten a better job and education. In my day job, I would have been very happy, but I’d be sad if my portfolio was worthless because of a lack of education.

What tips are you giving for the aspiring designer who has no idea how to become a professional?

The best advice I can give for people who have never worked professionally before is to get started. This is your chance to show what you’re made of, and prove to yourself that you can build apps that people love and appreciate.

If you could change a little bit about your job, what would it be?

Instead of having a small office I would have at least 10 people working in my office, making sure each of them can keep busy. We have a very strong team and an amazing team person to maintain it, such as my assistant designer, a production designer, and our team lead.

What’s your favorite app of all time?

This question comes into my head so often I don’t even bother thinking about what is the best one, but the top 5 is always nice to have in your hands. These are the apps I love the most:

Cupid is still my favorite dating app after spending a month with it. This app is incredibly addictive and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me going forward. One of the most important features you need

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