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“They usually follow some simple formulas, but the first step is always to find a good design strategy. Then comes the hard work of choosing the right typefaces – and the right colours, too. There are different techniques, the most useful is to stick to one colour palette.

I’ve designed many apps for beginners at the same time and it seems to help to use different tools and styles. I suggest to design the app for beginner users first, then to work on the features that will be most useful to them.”

How do you use design for iOS app development?

“You work on the platform, the core principles (like the visual style, layouts and interactions) and the features you add next. I’ve come at it the other way around. I never consider the apps – I work on what matters, and the end result is as much art as math.

When you are designing, the platform does the work for you. You get the app at the end. It might be ugly, but the end user is the best judge. That is very different from the time I was studying visual communication design. I was always thinking about how to explain my idea and that was the first task.

I was looking for the best font and design, and then I made it.”

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