How do you draw an app for beginners?

It all started a couple years ago — a friend, Dan, was trying to teach me to use a computer to make animation, and it came up in class at a presentation he was making of some work. It was something he’d never done before, just watching this thing he was just making that he was like, “Ah. I see. That’s kind of cool” — and then I had no idea how to do it. But then I came back and I was like, “Hey, I want to make a game” and he was like, “Okay.” I was like, “That’s not a good idea.” And he’s like, “No.” “Well, you can do one.” I said, “Cool.” That’s kind of cool. Then he was like, “Let me make one, and… you can do two.” I said, “Okay.”

So I started working on it as I was making my own work. Then I realized at some point, I’d been learning this stuff from people and watching them make games — and I just didn’t have the patience to learn as they did. When it came down to me actually working on it — and it’s just been this ever evolving process — I just did the best I could do and I hope people find that useful or fun. That’s really all I have to say.

Spray painting class at Art Schism in Brighton run by Sinna1 - YouTube
How did you end up making Tilt Brush the way you’re making it? What’s the process for creating the game’s art, animation, everything?

Well, I just made a really simple sketch. It was just just something I drew and then put a white background and made some text. That was it.

Then I just started building it and building the game. That’s when most of the stuff was going on — I had already created the game engine as Tilt Brush’s engine, so all I had to do was just draw a couple sprites, make some buttons, add the things I needed to play the music and maybe some more text. If I had been sitting there, waiting on somebody to create the art, I probably would have had to pay someone else to do that for me. I could have made everything from scratch, but I just wanted to have my own experience. So I just made the game engine, then I made the game design doc and then actually I put it all in one spot, like, “Okay, I’m here.” So I just sat down and started working on it.