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We asked an artist and educator, Dr. Jennifer Pritchard for her personal advice.

What are the best parts of living in a digital era?

Being able to draw without using pen and paper! I enjoy drawing my own creations and it gives me a way to explore different ideas and approaches to art creation.

How is this different from living in the past?

A bit of a contrast. I was able to do most things that I did when I was younger in a simpler way. Some things like cooking, reading, and working out are still in some ways easier to do.

What are your favorite tools?

I don’t use any tools at all. I draw in a very personal way using what I find lying around my house so I can get into the mindset I’m looking for.

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What tools do you wish there were that allowed you to do what you love more?

What I miss and wish I had more of are the days where I could keep my phone handy on me and not have to worry about keeping it on me. If I could just have one more thing than the one I have right now to remind me that this isn’t over, and that I do still have things I have to do.

What would you suggest as an aspiring online art teacher?

It depends on what you are trying to teach. If it is just to draw, make it easy!

What are your future goals?

I would like to do much more than just learn to draw, though. I love to be creative, and would like to share my work that I’m working on with others.

Do you have an opinion on digital art?

I think it is changing, but it can always be enhanced to what it can be. I think that most people who are interested in learning how to draw deserve to be able to learn it and enjoy it.

What have you learned about yourself and society through your online art lessons?

I learned to make friends and create communities. Not that I need friends or community to do that, but I just needed an alternative to my loneliness. I think those were my biggest accomplishments.

Any advice for teachers?

If you are interested in learning online, get involved in art in its many forms all over the world! It is so important to educate others!

You can check out Jennifer’s blog, The Inkster.

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