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I’m an artist and my style is an amalgamation of all my other styles and interests.

Do you have any tips for other aspiring artists? I think that if you really want to work, you should try to stay away from any job except for a freelance one for the first two years. That way, you will have all that experience to help with your next step.

How do I approach an artist? I think that the key is, don’t be a wimp. The trick is to understand exactly how someone is thinking without ever having to say so. You also have to look for the people who are just like you, not people who are trying to impress you or make you feel special. If you have the same goals as them, if you have the same passions as them, you’ll probably work out a mutual admiration that will result in something great.

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Where is the “Lobby”?

As I just said we are located on the main floor of the building right in front of the elevator. It is also very close to the lobby on Second.

Who can I call?

Call John at the reception at 216-731-7111 for lobby assistance.

What is the time for the meeting?

We are open to the public 6:00pm to 7:30pm. The meeting is typically 4:30pm to 5:00pm, but may be rescheduled based on weather. We ask that all persons who wish to participate in the meeting attend in good faith and we ask, respectfully, that any individual attend in his or her place of business.

I’m a new member of your organization! Can I give advice or suggestions?

Yes; but ONLY on the record. Please do not email us regarding meetings, questions, or suggestions. We cannot provide advice. Our meetings are for members only.
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This is a public meeting, do NOT enter the building until our doors are closed.

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