How do I find my art style? – Online Art Classes For High School

You can find out how to use your art style using the following steps:

Select your artist(s) in the Artist’s Window and then click on the Info (Art) tab. It will look something like this:

A section called “Art Styles” will then appear. From here you can either change it or choose a different one from the list of options:

It’s important to note that the Art Styles section isn’t available for everyone. It’s most useful if you have a large community. A person who only uses the same art style will be able to communicate to others in the community.

Click on the art style and you’ll be taken to the Art Style page. Here you’ll get a lot more detail about the style and the process of creating it (you can also see a list of supported art styles here).

What is my artist?
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To find out your artist select your artist from the top left corner of the Artist window:

Then click on the Info (Art) tab to find out who owns and operates it:

That’s It! Now you should be set up.

You’re ready to create the masterpiece of your dreams! Here’s a quick sample of some examples of amazing wall art I’ve done:

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