How do I become amazing at drawing? – Online Art Lessons Kids

The easiest way to get better is to practice and read books. There are tons of great resources online to learn how to draw (and I could totally write a whole separate post just talking about it). But to actually draw a lot of amazing stuff (more than you might think, trust me). So what’s the key?

The right mindset. You want to draw what you want, and what you want should fit you. If you want to draw stuff you’re too afraid to take a picture of or draw like…well I don’t know, I don’t think that that’s the ideal, but yeah I like taking pictures 😉

To get the most out of your art, you want to have good tools. It’s extremely important that you have some kind of paintbrush, or a brush that you can apply layers to, and apply colors on. I personally like brushes with a high flow of paint, which makes the brush flow great…it’s not like the paint flow is horrible, it just doesn’t do it for me.

But the point is…you have to have certain tools in order to develop your skills. One great thing about it is that you can pick whichever one you like to do.

Now one of the tools used heavily in the drawing community is the “cintiq”. These are digital cameras used both for photos and drawings. To get a good feel at these, I just recommend reading this blog post!

In the picture I had some time to learn some basic tricks on the cintiq…not only using tilt, but in some cases I also had some really powerful drawing tools. And I also tried to find some cool stuff like the L’Angulon-style of drawing…

But the important thing is to have the tools…to have the motivation that allows you to push yourself to your physical limits.

Also that’s why I’m not a big fan of “sketching” anymore.

What about the best way to learn?

First, pick the things you like to do. That way I would rather have the “art” in my career when I’m doing drawing than in my hobbies. It’s what you like to do, and you would be wasting your time in doing something wrong. So don’t worry about that…just make your hobby your career!

The next thing I would say is to create lots of things and have something in your job that you’re good at. You wouldn

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