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I’m sure the first person I mentioned will say…
“Just paint everything”. You can paint for a long time and make great progress. I’ve painted everything from a couple of walls of a house to a large car. You need not do anything special: just paint.
After a while you will have a very precise and complete painting. The best thing about this method is that it is very quick. You’re also much more consistent, because you are painting more often and in a bigger canvas.
Do you like to paint with oil, water or some other medium? Are there any techniques that you use?
Mostly I use oil – I like it if it goes over the whole surface – the more I use it, the better and faster all my works turn out. I’m also very good at doing watercolour on canvas, but I don’t do it a lot. I love doing pencils. I love to use charcoal – that’s why I have my studio. I do that more to add to my painting-style, not to make my paintings look like a drawing.
But mostly I use watercolours. Watercolour is what I was taught when I was very young: I was very, very good at it. I can say that I have done my best work since then.

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