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There are so many great resources out there for free online classes to help you get started. Here’s a list of the best online classes to get started.

If you don’t find anything that meets your class requirements (e.g. you are having trouble remembering your lesson goals or you have not mastered the class), don’t worry. There are others on your list that might be able to give you some valuable guidance.

Online Learning Resources

I have put together an online resources list and it includes everything you’ll need to learn online as well as more on the subject.

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Pit Bull Attack in Los Angeles – Photo Proof

“If you know the history of dog bites in L.A. and how many people have died in these attacks, then you know the Pit Bull is not the one you want.”

That’s when a member of the LA Animal Care & Control sent out this photo from the incident, just three days prior to the tragedy at the PetCo in Venice. It seems that the victim had tried to scare off the Pit Bull, only to be attacked by the canine. Sadly, two other people were also injured, though not seriously.

A pit bull named “Chica” attacked the woman on Tuesday while she was feeding her pit bull at the PetCom on Pico Blvd.

“It looked like she was scared,” said her boyfriend, Steve Zwicker with the Venice Police Department.

Apparently, the woman was feeding the Pit Bull the same way she did with her other dog.

“Just like with any pit bull,” Zwicker said.

This week on Animal Aggression: The Experts Speak

This was too close to home: The Los Angeles Animal Care and Control (LAACC) has released numerous photos and video of Pit Bulls attacking people, often at the hands of young children or parents. For example:

Photo: Los Angeles Animal Control, LA

Pit Bull attack at PetCom in Beverly Hills

“It was a horrible experience to witness. The officers are working around the clock, and you really do want to see a dog who has not done any damage. This particular dog was just being a good boy, playing with another dog and the man got viciously attacked by the dog.”

Photo: Beverly Hills Police Department

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