Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Online Art Lessons For Elementary Students

I really love wetting the brush but sometimes I just let it dry.

When you’re first getting started with painting, what’s the first thing you pick up?

I’m a sucker for new brushes. They’re usually the cheapest and I can afford to buy a bunch of them.

When I do my first painting project, I’ll pick a couple of brushes up. Once I’ve started a new project I don’t like to throw away any of them.

Which of your brushes are your favorite and why?

The Fondant or the Fondant Pro – they are my favorite. Both are water based but I just like them cleaner (just because) and the best part is that they last forever.

Which are your most-used brushes in your collection?

The Cute Brush. I have been using it for the last 3 years. It has been very useful for adding soft skin for special effects. Also when I add feathers for effects I also use the Fondant and the Fondant Pro.
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What is the best way for someone to start learning to do oil painting or acrylic painting?

It takes some practice. It’s more like an art class. A class doesn’t count but just to experience learning new things.

Favorite color?

I’m a sucker for a purple. It reminds me of the rainbow. It’s also my favorite color.

Best part of painting?

The emotions.

What’s the best advice you could give someone wanting to start painting?

Keep it simple.

What is more important for a beginner to be able to do: learning the fundamentals or to be able to create a unique artwork?

It’s a fine line but I like to work to a single style.

What do you prefer to paint with?

I use my brushes because I have many. I don’t think you need lots. I’m a painter and use some of the same brushes I already have but have my personal preferences. It’s more a personal preference than a “best”, just that I like it different.

Does a beginner’s best work come from the same materials as a grandmaster?

That depends on how you start. If you start working with acrylic paint you can get a lot done. You can also start work on your own with white, clay or oil paints.

Who do you admire more?

Robert Raus

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